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A History of Dunoon

Through the Generations at Dunoon Farmhouse

Dunoon Farmhouse is set on one of the oldest (and first) land holdings in Gerringong. It was 1 of 15 properties that made up the 1,280 acre land holding Omega Retreat, which were sold individually in 1901.

We know the cottage was built over 150 years ago with the sandstone being hauled by horse and cart from the north end of Werri Beach. Whilst we know it has been in the Miller family since the early 1800’s, the land itself has consumed much of the history, leaving a lot of mystery in its place.

One thing that has not changed through the years is the fertile land which is ideal for dairy farming, a tradition that is still in place on the property today.

Changing with the times in Gerringong

We are so proud of what we have accomplished in the renovations here at Dunoon Farmhouse. We step into this beautiful old homestead and can still feel the history. We see it in the stonework and some of the windows we were able to salvage. We see it in the magnificent fireplace outside, knowing it was quarried just down the road in Gerringong is so very special.

We now offer this space to you, to come and enjoy, relax and see what the beautiful South Coast of NSW has to offer. There are so many activities to choose from, and so much beautiful in the surrounding landscape. 

Something unique to Gerringong, and all down the South Coast, is that we are so close to both the mountains and the sea. It is a unique, and beautiful spot. 

Come and indulge in luxury. Imagine what it would have been like back in the 1800’s but relish in the sumptuous linen sheets on your bed, enjoy a wine by the outdoor fire, or have a splash in the stunning mineral pool. A little bit different to how our ancestors would know it!

Now, history has been made into Luxury

Dunoon Farmhouse Bedrooms
Dunoon Farmhouse Old and New

Just a short two and a half hour drive from the northern beaches of Sydney, you will feel like time has slowed down and you have stepped into another world. With all the challenges the last 12 months have brought us, it’s time to explore our own backyard, and there is no better backyard than Gerringong!

Dunoon Farmhouse Hallway
Dunoon Farmhouse Spacious Living
Dunoon Farmhouse Gerringong_9
Dunoon Farmhouse Gerringong_4
Dunoon Farmhouse Gerringong_3
Dunoon Farmhouse Kitchen Stools

You will find Dunoon Farmhouse the perfect place to come to relax and unwind. Let the clock stop, let the deadlines wait and let the to-do list melt away. Enjoy the local cafes, the boutique shops and if you’re feeling like exploring, there are so many things to do and places to see. 

Dunoon Farmhouse Bedroom
Dunoon Farmhouse Gerringong_1

What are you waiting for?